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Are Rubies A Jewish Women's Best Friend?
Rubies are a mother-to-be’s best friend
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Forget diamonds! Rubies are a mother-to-be’s best friend, according to Classic Jewish sources. Find out more about this stunning gem and it’s traditional power for preventing miscarriage and infertility.
I have always loved rubies for their rich red color so I was fascinated to hear of their mystical power in Jewish tradition. But can they really protect an expectant mother from miscarriage and a difficult birth?
Could it be that wearing my favorite gemstone is a mitzvah?
Here’s the source:
But can they really protect an expectant mother from miscarriage and a difficult birth?
In Parasha Tetzave (Exodus 28:17-22) we read about the 12 stones in the breast-plate of the Kohen Hagadol (High Priest). We read that Odem, commonly translated as ruby, connects to the tribe of Reuben.
In the book Sefer Midrash Talpiot we learn that each tribe’s name was inscribed on the stone that had similar characteristics to the tribe. Since Reuben collected mandrakes to help his mother Leah have children, rubies are associated with fertility.
According to the book Shiltei HaGiborim, written in the 16th Century by Rabbi Avraham Harofeh, a woman who wears a ruby around her neck will not suffer from miscarriage. It is also good for women who suffer in childbirth. Women can use rubies to treat infertility like the mandrakes of Reuben. It also has the property to stop bleeding, to gives light to the eyes, to strengthen the heart and to guard one from anger.
The segulah of ruby does not depend on quality or price of the stone but it needs to be a real natural ruby, not a synthetic ruby or any kind of imitation.
The chemical composition of ruby is aluminum oxide (AL2 03) .The chromium traces give the stone its red color. Rubies are found in a wide range of red shades, from very light pink to a dark red almost black. The best color is a deep red. According to the Burmese, it should be the same color as the first three drops of blood of a pigeon and that’s why the finest rubies are commonly called Pigeon blood rubies.
Ruby is the second hardest mineral on earth after diamonds. It has a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale. It is on of the most precious and expensive stone together with sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. I especially love the way a ruby looks when set with pearls, as you can see from my jewelry designs on this page.
The most beautiful rubies come from Burma, especially from the famous Mogok mines which produced some of the finest rubies in the world. They are also found in Thailand and in Africa. Recently rubies were also found in Afghanistan with a special deep raspberry color.
For women wanting to try this segulah in order to become pregnant or to protect themselves against miscarriages, I recommend wearing a ruby pendant backwards, so that the stone is touching your skin. You can wear it under your clothing in order to be discreet. The same advice goes for moonstone, which is a segulah to find a good spouse.
So next time you wear a piece of jewelry containing rubies, enjoy not only it’s beauty but its deep Jewish significance.
And may we all be blessed with healthy pregnancies and births – and nachas from our children.
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